The Rookie Year: Church Web Strategies Blog Vol 1

The Rookie Year calloutThis is a collection of the first year of articles from this site (July 2011 – July 2012). Articles have been re-edited for a more consistent look & feel, as well as minor grammar edits.

This book is an inexpensive and convenient way for readers to consume these articles in an offline format. The target audience is older pastors & committee members that do not regularly browse the Internet, or would prefer a printed format.

Detailed information about The Rookie Year

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Church Web Strategies: A Foundation for Effective Church Websites

My long-term project where I am more fully developing idea of creating a church website strategy. It will involve several layers of governance without adding staff or unnecessary complexity. Using a model based on the US military, I demonstrate how to not lose focus on the big picture, while accomplishing your daily tasks.

UX Cookbook for Churches

A project that combines UX ingredients to solve real-world problems in your church. Many of the tools I discuss on my blog may seem very useful. Yet we often do not see the value in using them. This book will elaborate on how to create quality ingredients. Then it will provide a listing of church problems, and the recipe you can use to solve each one.