Donations on your Church Website (Part 4): Tools and Services

This article finishes up a four part series about online donations. I hope that after reading parts one, two, and three you realize that it is not acceptable to just put a donate button and call it quits. There are many factors you need to consider, and here I will tie it all together along with some services that were mentioned by peers in a LinkedIn group.

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Donations on your Church Website (Part 3): Influencing The Outcome

When you ask for donations on your church website, it matters as to how much you ask for. By pairing a suggested donation amount with a type of donation, you not only influence how many people give, but how much they finally give. I will explore methods and explain how they can be best utilized.

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Donations on your Church Website (Part 2): Types of Donations

Churches need financial resources to operate. One way to solicit those resources is via your church website. To craft an enjoyable giving experience, you need to account for all of the types of giving, as well as what motivated people to give.

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Donations on your Church Website (Part 1): Approach and Content

Your church website can serve many purposes, from recruiting new members to serving your local community. One purpose that is met with some apprehension is soliciting donations. In this article I will discuss some approaches to creating compelling content that will alleviate concerns and encourage joyful giving.
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Church Websites That Help The Community

Churches often help their local community, but their websites often just display evidence of that help. Why not help the community right on your website? Yes you should focus on recruiting new members, but we should also strive to love our neighbors. This is content that will not only let visitors know that your church cares about the community; but it should rank well in search engines.

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Content Delivery Strategy: Say No to PDFs

How you deliver content dictates how your visitors can consume it, as well as what they can do with it. The easy route is often to simply a link to a file, but why restrict your audience. Give them content the way they want it, and with the ability to share it with their friends and family. The first part in this series will deal with the common approach to posting weekly bulletins; the PDF.
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Effectively Using Church Microsites

In a previous article I talked about landing pages and how your church can use them. Some projects and campaigns require more breathing room, so perhaps a microsite is the solution. Here you can create a unique user experience, strengthen your church’s branding, and even drive traffic to your primary website… and of course fill seats in  your church.

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Landing Pages and Your Church

If you are trying to promote an event at your church, one great tool for this is a landing page. If done correctly, they focus visitors on a much narrower scope and nudge them toward a single decision more quickly. But what exactly is a landing page, and how can my church use them? Read on my loyal reader while I hopefully answers all these questions and more!
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4 Steps to Integrate Worship on your Church Website

Many churches, record their sermons to post online; both in video and audio formats.  Yet I have found few churches that try to integrate their worship into their websites.  Worship is an important part of your typical Sunday service, so here are 4 steps to integrate it into your church’s online experience.

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Church Website Evolution, Not Revolution

If you already have a church website, please do not read my posts and decide to completely re-make your site. There are few good reasons to create a completely new website. Instead, make incremental changes that will add value as you go along. Regardless of your stance on the subject of human evolution, you definitely want to believe in website evolution!

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Advancing your Website without a Pastor

In recent months I have had the unfortunate opportunity to speak with churches that are between pastors. It is tough to watch them advance the Kingdom so slowly and cautiously. Many of their ministries freeze, including anything dealing with the web. If you are a church elder, or committee leader in your church; fret not. I will give you a few tips to keep advancing your online presence and continue to get people from clicking on your site to sitting in your seats.

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Starting your Church’s Website: Clueless to Colors

After debating your church’s need for a website, you decide it is the next best step.  So now what?  Although I primarily write individual articles focused on connecting church goals to web technologies, I feel compelled to write a tutorial-themed article.  In this first piece, I will take you through the planning stages of creating or revising your website.

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