How A Lighthouse can Help Your Ministries

Starting social media for your entire church may feel daunting. Making even a small change to a current social media strategy feels overwhelming. Use the concept of a lighthouse to ease those fears. A lighthouse is a partner for developing or enhancing your digital ministries. This article will further define lighthouses, as well as how to prepare for one.
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Get the Most from a Church App on Wearable Tech

Wearable technology, namely watches, are the latest craze. They have become popular for a good reason. They can perform many simple tasks and have a wide range of functions. Essentially, smartwatches have become an extension of your smartphone. Many churches have, or are thinking of creating a mobile application. In this article I will discuss four critical points on how church apps should interact with wearable technology.
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The ABC's of AB Testing

Decisions based on personal opinions, speculation, or hearsay can often lead to disaster. An objective test can help when you need the best solution. One easy and effective test used in the digital world is the AB test. It is literally a test where a participant selects one of two options. This article will help you formulate a solid plan for your test. There are plenty of fancy tools you can use. Yet without a solid plan, your test will only set you up for failure. Given the cost of some tests, that is a loss you want to avoid.
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Style Guides and your Church

A style guide is an essential tool for unifying your church's website, social media presence, and email campaigns. It establishes all the small pieces of your church brand. It not only helps you understand everything your have, it informs all future web projects. You can even use it for design elements in your physical spaces!
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Text and Images: Combining Artforms

Your website and social media campaigns can learn from architects. Their craft is a mix of engineering and art that mirrors web professionals. There is a reason the most effective social media posts follow this principle; photos with overlayed text. You should see an example of this above this very post! Telling churches to just add text to a photo is easy advice. This article will explore the many combinations of these two art forms that can yield great results. Yet, I wanted to take the time to dive deeper into this tool and see where there is room to expand.
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Optimizing Buttons

We all use buttons in our digital assets. They are our most critical element in creating a call to action. We want people to subscribe, join, download, and give. We are even so demanding to put "now!" with those requests. Yet we often miss the mark. We design and place buttons in ways that make them difficult to understand. Use these four tips to create the best buttons for your website and social media platforms.
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Creating a Customer-Centered Theology

A customer-centered theology for your digital ministries helps all aspects of your church. When you put the organization first, you put your customers second. I know you need resources to function. Yet, when you put your customers first, you will succeed in maturing your existing congregation as well as adding to it. The best part is that your digital ministries can help create a customer-centered theology. This is because digital assets, once created, can be copied and shared indefinitely. But that is just the beginning of all the ways you can better serve your audiences.
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Experience A New Church

The fastest way to understand your target audience, is to become them. If you want to reach church visitors, take a Sunday and be one. Do not just attend a friend's church service. Begin your search with online research. Explore their social media presence. Then attend a service and see how well they integrate digital media. As you form your opinions, document your thoughts. Take these notes with you and see where you can improve your own church.
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Remembering the Details

Some projects dictate that you look at every detail. Are you building a house? You need to know where every light switch and electrical outlet will be. They may seem like trivial when figuring out the arrangements of the rooms, but it needs to happen. You may have a kitchen window that lets in the first rays of morning sunlight. Yet your toaster, blender, microwave, and mixer all share one outlet. Please realize that getting the big idea is the first step. Next is digging into the details that will make using your church website a truly pleasurable experience.
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Find Your Church Website Voice and Tone

The message your website gives has two components, the voice and the tone. The tone of your content will change depending on what is happening. However, the voice of your website is always the same. This singular direction guides all the text on your website. In contrast, different scenarios call for a unique tone. Your unified voice and empathetic tone reduces confusion and helps users feel at ease.
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Preparing for Wearable Technology

When we think of mobile technology, our minds go to phones and tablets. Yet the wearable technology market is growing. How do devices such as watches and glasses impact how we use technology? More important, how will it impact how churchgoers consume content? The announcement of the Apple Watch has pushed these questions to the forefront of our minds. So what are you going to do today to prepare for tomorrow?
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Strategic Partners for Online Ministries

Is your church trying to reach a particular demographic? I would surprised if you did not just think "yes, in fact we are trying to reach several". There are several ways you can test how well your website is reaching those people groups. User interviews, surveys, and usability testing are just a few tools you can use. Yet, the major obstacle is not failing to use those tools. It is finding volunteers. Instead of always looking for volunteers, create partners for your digital ministries.
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