Analyzing Internal Church Interview Data

Internal interviews are a great way to discover existing corporate knowledge. You get first-hand accounts of customer feedback from church staff and volunteers. Yet it may not be clear how to analyze the notes you took during those interviews. This article explores how I analyzed results of interviews I recently conducted.
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A Year in Review: 2015

It is the second week of July and time to remember another year of weekly blogging. I produced articles for four years and am still excited about what each one brings to you. The better news is that I still have plenty of energy and ideas. Please take some time to read my reflections and lessons learned.
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Church Social Media: Measuring Success

Measuring success; we all want to do it. So how do you know if your efforts on social media are bearing any fruit? Can you justify the hours your are spending posting a steady stream of updates to the multitude of social media platforms? This article explores what measurements exist, what they mean, and some tools you can use to monitor your success.
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When Vanity is not a Sin: Vanity Address Strategies for Churches

While vanity is one of the seven deadly sins, utilizing vanity addresses is a great tool for your church web strategy. When used in moderation and wisely, they be an effective method of driving traffic to your various web properties. In this article I will describe what they are and some great ways to use them to boost the presence of your church online.
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Site Analytics Basics: Language

Site analytics is the science of recording actions taken on your website; as well as the art of teasing out the meaning behind those actions. Before you try to understand this new craft, you first need to understand the language. In this article I will set a foundation of understanding by outlining a few key terms used in this field.
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