CWS Podcast – Ep. 36: A Safety Net for Suffering

cws-podcast-logoGod does not let people suffer right? Consider the life of Job, the persecution of Paul, and the betrayal and murder of Jesus. Honestly, it is a difficult sales pitch to convince someone to convert to Christianity. Enjoy an eternal life in heaven, at the expense of the distinct possibility of more suffering in this life on earth. This episode explains how can we show our support on our websites for those considering the jump into a new faith.
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Because of You: Honoring Disciple Makers

If you are a Christian, without a doubt someone has stepped into your life to help you along with your journey in faith. As that faith matures, many enjoy a look back on their progress. With those reflections, we internally thank those that helped us. Someone, pastors, church staff, volunteers, parents, friends; someone invested in discipling you. This article will explore the idea of using technology to publicly and privately offer thanks to those that helped you grow.
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From Consumer to Producer

When a new Christian joins a church, they rightfully start off as a consumer. The programs they participate in are often run by volunteers and funded by regular church members. At some point that new Christian needs to consider moving from consumer to producer. We all know that once that happens, they become invested and integrated with the church at a much deeper level. How can your church utilize your web properties to help facilitate this?
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Websites that Make Disciple Makers

The goal of brand loyalty is not to create someone who likes a product, but someone who will also tell others about it. Social media marketers hope that consumers will move to become advocates; not only liking posts on Facebook, but also sharing them with their friends. The same applies for the church as we hope to not just create disciples, but make advocates who share their faith and demonstrate Christ’s love.
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Making Websites Like a Child

If you ask a child if they can draw, they will tell you yes. If you ask an adult, they will often say no because they assume you are asking if they can draw well. The honesty and innocence of children is a trait praised by Jesus, and is something web teams can utilize as they approach their church websites.
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Website Failure: Placing Blame

Many decisions around websites are subjective; that is based on opinions and guesses. There are emerging areas for objective, numbers-based, decisions; but those techniques are often out of scope of smaller churches. That said, what happens when those subjective decisions go awry and your website does not meet expectations?
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Website Failure: Building Hope

Launching a new website can be fun and exciting, filled with wild expectations of a flourishing church ministry. Then reality hits you when church attendance remains the same, and website traffic numbers are floundering. Here I will offer suggestions on how to maintain hope and deal with the obstacles of growing your church’s Internet presence.

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Church Websites and Star Wars?

Yes I am writing about Star Wars on my church website blog… trust me, it is relevant! Star Wars is arguably one of the most successful science fiction movie franchises in history. However, the announcement of re-releasing the films in 3D was met with far less excitement. Fans of the originals do not like “their movies” tampered with. How does this tie to your church’s website? Just because a new technology becomes available, does not mean you need to force it into your existing website.
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