Prepare for Emergencies Today

Emergencies and problems tend to sneak up on us at the worst possible moments. Annoying things like losing your keys when running late happen on a regular basis, but real disasters can set us back a lot. Similarly, digital disasters can set a church back weeks or months; slowing progress and momentum they were gathering. Yet by preparing today you can help mitigate the possibility of your online ministries grinding to a halt. This article will cover four areas you should prepare for, and the steps you need to take.
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Encourage “I Don’t Know”

If how to create websites was figured out, a lot companies and people (myself included) would be out of business. I consider this to be an amazing period of time because we are still inventing, experimenting, and exploring how to fully utilize web technologies. Thus, in many cases when problems are set before us, we have no clear-cut way to solve it yet. Web teams need to become more comfortable with saying three very difficult words, “I don’t know”, and in this article I will outline when it is OK to say it.
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Why I Stopped Coding Websites

Even if you are not technologically savvy, you know that website coding standards, design, and security best practices change at an alarming rate. I am asking that church leadership and website team leaders consider saving time and money by moving to a content management system (CMS). In this article I will explain the reasons why I stopped coding websites and focused on producing quality content for my audience.

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Encouragement to Write

Milestones are artificial measurements meant to give us an appreciation of our journey. In reflection of writing ninety-nine other articles, this one hundredth article is meant to do one thing. Encourage you to write. In this era of digital freedom, people are free to put their ideas out for an astonishingly large audience. Hence I am asking you to begin writing your thoughts, and when you are ready; publish them for the world to see.
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