Content Marketing for Your Church

The latest buzzword in advertising is content marketing. Believe it or not, your church can benefit greatly from this new trend. At its core, content marketing is providing valuable content to your customers. Your church does this nearly every week with your pastor's sermon. Similar examples are most likely around your church. This article will help you identify them and turn them into a great content marketing campaign.
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CWS Podcast - Ep. 67: Do not Just Retain, Recruit

cws-podcast-logoAt the beginning of every worship service, the pastor of my church welcomes all of the new visitors; regardless if they know of any are present. Sometimes we even applaud for them. Many church podcasts that I listen to also make a point to welcome all of their listeners. This includes live recordings that acknowledge they have an online audience. What does your website do to welcome new visitors? Do you simply have a statement that says “Welcome to our church”, or do you structure your site so that their needs are immediately met with lots of information and content?
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CWS Podcast - Ep. 66: You Are Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

cws-podcast-logoJust posting a list of your beliefs and a few pictures of volunteering at a soup kitchen on your website is not enough to get new members into your church. Just like an eCommerce site, you need to establish yourself as a leader in a particular area. What makes you special? If you give your visitors an honest reason why they need to try your church out, you will distinguish yourself online and attract new members.
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CWS Podcast - Ep. 63: Effectively Using Church Microsites

cws-podcast-logoIn a previous article I talked about landing pages and how your church can use them. Some projects and campaigns require more breathing room, so perhaps a microsite is the solution. Here you can create a unique user experience, strengthen your church’s branding, and even drive traffic to your primary website… and of course fill seats in your church.
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CWS Podcast - Ep. 62: Pause for a Cause

cws-podcast-logoTwo years ago when my family visited Disney World I noted a few things that translated to an article, and podcast, for church websites. This episode is about how to help your audience pause at the right spot to notice something on your website. This pause will help them focus on something important, and hopefully cause them to take action.
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Serving a Balanced Diet of Content

You would not serve your family the same meal week after week. Consequently, do not always serve the same content to your website and social media audiences. You need a mix of content, each with a different goal. You also serve different meals at certain times of the day. Be purposeful with the time of day you publish your content. By serving a balanced diet of content, you have better results and do not burn out your audience.
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CWS Podcast - Ep. 59: Timing is Everything

cws-podcast-logoTiming is everything in comedy, and also church web marketing. If you can guess when your customers will be online, you can more effectively market to them. Whether it be Email or social media, there are several ways we can use demographic information to increase the number of clicks our communications get.

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Promoting Church Events Online

From fundraisers to social events to conferences; churches host a lot of events. Many events benefit the church coffers, others drive membership, and hopefully all help the local community. The question here is how can your website help? The easy answer is content creation and propagation. This article will give you the more detailed answer that integrates your content with the tools and services you need for promoting church events.
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CWS Podcast – Ep. 49: Writing an Effective Tagline

cws-podcast-logoWhen someone lands on your web site, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. This does not mean bright colors or animation, but something easy to spot on the page that answers the question “What’s in it for me?” You can accomplish this with the combination of your church's name and its tagline. While this is something your leadership, communications, and marketing teams will weigh in on; the web team should have some input, as thee website and social media outlets will be greatly affected.
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Web Teams: Starting An In-House Team

How do you go about creating an in-house web team for your church? What skill sets do you hire, and in what order do you bring them on board? Whether you are starting a website from scratch, or are taking it over after an external company developed it, there are several key roles you must fill on your new team. These roles are in a purposeful order, which is not to say that one is more important than the other. It is just a logical progression of needs and skills that will get your website running quickly and in the right direction.
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CWS Podcast - Ep. 47: Social Media Marketing and Engagement

cws-podcast-logoMany questions arise when a church decides to do that “social media thing”. Who should your church market to, what platforms are the best, how should they push content, and why should they respond to their audience? These and many other problems can be solved by creating a two-pronged attack plan. This plan should include both social media marketing and social media engagement.
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CWS Podcast - Ep. 46: Landing Pages and Your Church

cws-podcast-logoIf you are trying to promote an event at your church, one great tool for this is a landing page. If done correctly, they focus visitors on a much narrower scope and nudge them toward a single decision more quickly. But what do landing pages consist of, and how can my church use them in its overall strategy? Read on my loyal reader while I hopefully answers all these questions and more!
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