SEO for your Church Website

If you build it, they do not always come.  The novelty of the web has worn off and the fact that your church has a website will not make you unique anymore.  So how can you bubble to the top of search engine rankings?  I talked about some pro-active measures you can take to get yourself known, however there are plenty of strategic decisions you can make that will give your site the high ranking it rightfully deserves.

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Get Your Church Known

Just having a church website is not enough today. You need to be proactive in your quest to get your church seen and heard on the internet. So what methods can you use to accomplish this? I propose covering three bases, of search engines, mapping services, and social media. These three are often very entangled, so spearheading efforts on all of them at once is often very easy and can generate awesome synergy in getting your church website known to the rest of the world.
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