Re-Think Content: Content Gap Analysis

Where do you start when you want to update your website? This series kicks off some big tasks of re-thinking your content, why it exists, how it fits into a navigation structure, who will create the content, who will maintain it, and when those updates will be made. All of these should be done prior to firing up Adobe Photoshop or writing a single line of HTML. Stick with me on this, it will be worth it!
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SEO Basics for your Church Website

In a previous article I talked about SEO for your church website. Well it is a year later and I think I need to re-visit the topic. Mostly because every church I have ever talked to wants to rank high in Google’s search results. Being in the first few results greatly increases your chances of getting a new visitor to your site. However, when you looked into hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant, your church treasurer probably fainted. These sorcerers of search are not cheap. So I will try to help explain some basics that you can do yourself at the expense of only your time.

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Donations on your Church Website (Part 4): Tools and Services

This article finishes up a four part series about online donations. I hope that after reading parts one, two, and three you realize that it is not acceptable to just put a donate button and call it quits. There are many factors you need to consider, and here I will tie it all together along with some services that were mentioned by peers in a LinkedIn group.

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Good Customer Service: In the Door

The primary objective of your church website is most likely to invite people to join your congregation. You give them times and locations; then hope they come walking through your door. If they show the interest in attending a service or function; have the courtesy to remove all their obstacles. Read this article to get 6 tips on how your website can help facilitate this:
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Starting your Church’s Website: Clueless to Colors

After debating your church’s need for a website, you decide it is the next best step.  So now what?  Although I primarily write individual articles focused on connecting church goals to web technologies, I feel compelled to write a tutorial-themed article.  In this first piece, I will take you through the planning stages of creating or revising your website.

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