Church Mobile Web Strategy: Connectivity & Context

If content is king, then context is the kingdom. Understanding what content your visitors want to consume when they visit your church website cannot be separated from how they are consuming it. Gone are the days where we can assume they are sitting at home in front of a traditional computer. The advent of mobile devices puts many other scenarios in play. With a firm understanding of your audience and their behavior, mapping out these use cases will be much easier.
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Church Mobile Web Strategy: Mobile Devices

When new technology arrives on the scene, some sit back and see what happens, while others rush in to explore. Due to limited resources, many churches have hung back from exploring how their church should represent themselves in the mobile space. Unfortunately now there are so many mobile devices, operating systems, and screen resolutions that formulating a strategy seems more difficult than ever. This article series examines many aspects of the mobile space and hopefully will help you decide what approach is best for your church.
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CWS Podcast – Ep. 12: Determining ROI (Part 3): Measuring Returns

cws_podcastThis week’s episode will explore how you can use an analytics package to measure the success of your web properties. I hope to brush away some of the mystery and provide some ideas on how to interpret various statistics, and eventually use them to fuel and prioritize future web projects. After last week’s episode I feel safer delving into measuring returns on your website. This is mostly because we should now be on the same page in terms of vocabulary, which is often a huge barrier when it comes to discussing technical topics.
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Should You Use Christian Web Services?

Should you work with a company that is explicitly Christian, or opt for one that is not? Yes they may understand your situation better, but are you missing out on a great company just because they don’t have a cross in their logo? This article will outline several pros and cons of considering any, or specifically Christian web services.
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Copy and Paste with Pride

The difference between inspiration and plagiarism is a fine line. However, walking that line helps you create inspiring and engaging experiences as quickly as possible. This article will feature a few ways you can safely draw ideas from around the Internet. In other words, copy and paste with pride.
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Site Analytics Basics: Language

Site analytics is the science of recording actions taken on your website; as well as the art of teasing out the meaning behind those actions. Before you try to understand this new craft, you first need to understand the language. In this article I will set a foundation of understanding by outlining a few key terms used in this field.
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Why Churches Should Care About the Semantic Web

A common phrase in the web community is that “content is king”. If it is indeed king, then context is the kingdom. The most recent change in context is the advent of mobile devices. Yet another shift in context is on the horizon called the semantic web. I will now explain what it is and why you should care.
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