CWS Podcast – Ep 78: Does Your Church Need an Intranet?

cws-podcast-logoThere are two ways to have more money in a business; increase your intake, and decrease your costs. Churches often look at how they can bring in more money through donations and fundraisers. Cutting costs is more difficult to swallow, as many churches are already running on tight budgets. By utilizing tools to increase productivity of the existing staff, you can avoid job and salary cuts while still advancing your ministries.

Topics covered include

Centralized Information

  • Personal Information
  • Templates and Logos
  • Data and Reports

Tools and Collaboration

  • Software Repository
  • Document Collaboration

Action item

Instead of cutting staff, or trying to raise more money to cover costs; try to allow your existing staff to be more productive. As I explained, one such way is setting up an intranet or at least utilizing a centralized collection of tools. The one word of caution here is security. Many of these documents contain sensitive information. Make sure you access to these documents is restricted to those that truly need the information. After that is squared away, see where these improvements can be made and help streamline processes before you cut jobs.

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Author: Stephen Morrissey

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