Your Church and Giving Tuesday

Many Christians are dismayed with the marketing onslaught of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The commercialism of the Christmas season weighs heavily on most of us. Yet Giving Tuesday is a breath of fresh air. This idea is simple. In place of giving someone a gift, make a donation in their name. This article talks about how your church can participate in this new shopping day.
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6 Things To Fix in 2016

As we move into 2016, I want to challenge church web teams to fix a few leaky faucets. These are projects that should have started a long time ago. But if any exist on your website, you need to fix them now. More than ever, your website is viewed as your front door. If it looks outdated and in disrepair, so does your church.
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Why Website Redesigns Fail

Redesigning a website will not fix many aspects your digital ministries. Yet it is a go-to answer for many churches. We think that starting over from scratch will fix everything. A modern looking website is not always an effective one. Proper direction, effective processes, great writing, and regular updates are essential parts of a good website. This article digs into each of these areas and encourages you to fix them before overhauling your entire site.
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Integrating Storytelling on your Website

Storytelling is the magic that turns facts into emotional connections. It is a powerful tool to convey messages on your digital properties. The church primarily thinks of testimonies when it comes to storytelling. Gathering stories is a great start. But how can you most effectively integrate them into an existing church website? What purpose do those stories have? And how can you get more?
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Breaking Down Silos: Digital Experiences

Visitors rarely visit just one of your digital platforms. They might start on social media, then move to your website. A member might get an email newsletter, and proceed to a landing page to sign up for an event. They should move between spaces with ease and without interruptions. Breaks in that process will confuse and possibly turn away potential members. Here are several ways to remove those silos for your church’s various digital experiences.
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Security Lessons from Nehemiah (Part 2)

In my first article, I showed how examples of how Nehemiah prepared for security. He used his connections, asked for resources, then inspected his walls. Now comes the part where you must install those processes and measures. Nehemiah rallied the Jewish community. Then he fought attacks while building. Finally, he helped those in need. All of these are great ideas for implementing your digital security plans.
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Security Lessons from Nehemiah (Part 1)

What digital security lessons can we learn from the book of Nehemiah? Many think that the Old Testament cannot be applied to today’s problems. They consider its lessons old and dated. This article walks through the first few parts of the story. Drawing out security lessons for your web team.
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Integrating Digital Platforms

Take a moment to consider all your church’s digital assets. They most likely include your website, social media, search engine ranking, mobile apps, and church operations. They are not entities to keep separate. Digital platforms are everywhere in your church. The better news is that they can often share and exchange information. Here I will encourage you to better integrate your digital platforms to grow your church and reduce resources.
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Missions: How Your Church’s Digital Platforms Can Serve

Nearly all churches run or provide resources to missions. Yet how can your church’s digital platforms best support them? You should already have procedures and tools in place to promote your basic ministries. This article tell you how to adapt them to give the recognition, support, and prominence they need.
I have wanted to write about missions for a while. They are a key part of many churches’ outreach and inreach strategies. Some missions
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Handling Common Website Misconceptions

Often a web team gets into a difficult conversation about their website. These stem from common website misconceptions. Some decisions have several solutions that depend on many circumstances. To make matters worse, personal opinions often interfere. Here are a few difficult arguments I have encountered over the years. I also included the considerations you need to solve them. Continue reading “Handling Common Website Misconceptions”

Creating a Great Church Intranet

What makes a great intranet for churches? The answer is deceptively easy. A great intranet helps church staff solve problems quickly and efficiently. By designing a great intranet, you highlight the many tasks and applications at your staff’s disposal. Plus your volunteer and paid workforce will see you are willing to invest in them and not just your ministries. This article delves into five area of focus to create a great church intranet.
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Why Good Websites are Difficult

Many of you remember the days when one person ran an entire corporate website. Granted that may be true at your church right now. But most large companies now have many departments to govern their sites. How did this change happen? What can your church’s web team do to keep up? This article will explore those questions and provide insight into how you can continue to thrive with a small team.
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