Getting Maximum ROI on Interns

The summer is winding down and college students are getting ready to head back to school. Some lucky ones had an opportunity to work as interns during their break from classes. If you have an internship program, I have some ideas how to get the most from it. If you do not, I will give you encouragement to start one.
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How Cadence Helps your Digital Ministries

When your church’s digital teams work at a regular cadence, you become more predictable. This is a good thing. It sets expectations of both your audience and stakeholders. It also helps teams become more sustainable. Here are a few key areas that will make church communications more effective over time.
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Recruiting Volunteers from Non-Technical Professions

When you look for web team volunteers, do not just focus on computer geeks. Many other professions provide valuable insight, perspective, and content. Learn how to spot that hidden talent in your congregation. Many will worry they are not tech savvy enough to make your site shine. Reassure them that enthusiasm and a teachable attitude is all that is required.
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Why your church web team needs project post-mortems

A post-mortem is a special meeting to help analyze the successes and failures of a project. No, you do not need a medical background. You just need the skills to run a meeting well. In this article I will discuss church web projects in particular. I will start off with the benefits of a post-mortem, as well as how to prepare. Then move into how to conduct them. I will wrap up with the deliverables and how to use them for future success.
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Breaking Down Silos: Church Teams

Do not create church digital experiences without consulting others in your church. This sounds simple enough, but it happens all too often. The web team changes the website and the address on printed material is no longer valid. You also need to ensure the opposite does not happen. Your youth ministry leader may start a social media account without anyone else knowing. Here are a few tools for keeping lines of communication open and flowing.
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Breaking Down Silos: Analog Experiences

When you break down silos, information and ideas flow from one thing to the next. Experiences do not always start or end with your church website. Many of you have called for a product or service, only to get transferred from one person to another. Every time you needed to re-explain your situation. It is obvious that the company you are dealing with thought about seamless experiences. This article will provide tools and advice on how to avoid these situations at your church.
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Dealing with Extremes in Volunteerism

Most church web teams are augmented if not run by volunteers. Many of you reading this right now are helping your church out by giving your time and talents for their digital ministries. You may feel that you always need more help. Just be aware that any extreme in staffing can be a problem. Too few people wears down a team. Too many people becomes a delegation and management nightmare. Here are a few ways you can
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Missions: How Your Tech Team can Serve

Your digital platforms are not the only things that can serve missions. A team of web professionals bring years of experience and a wealth of ideas to the table. Your team of paid staff and volunteers can aid missions in ways they might not have thought of. Here are a few ideas to get your team involved in mission work for your church.
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Growing the Best Digital Team

How do you most effectively grow your church’s digital team? Through great experiences and learning opportunities. It would be easy to hire the world’s premiere web specialists. It would also be expensive. If you do not have the resources to make that happen, the next best thing is to create them yourself. This article discusses how we can best grow and nurture our digital teams.
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Adding Diversity to your Web Team

Diversity for your web team can lead to great results. While it is not a formula for success, diversity can lead to diversity in thought. Diverse thought can lead to better solutions and faster innovation. I am not saying that success is dependent upon diversity. Yet it can increase your odds. If this is so great, how can you do it more easily? That is exactly what I will discuss in this article.
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Integrating Digital Communications Teams

A web team is not a secluded bunch of techno-geeks that should not communicate with the rest of your church. Digital communications are becoming one of the most essential functions of the modern church. Your leadership needs to realize that their inclusion in many facets of the church is what will help you flourish. Meetings and discussions should rarely occur without their knowledge or input.
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