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The second article I wrote for this blog had a bold message that churches are in the eCommerce business. You are indeed marketing and selling something. While I maintain that is still true, I did not yet realize the type of sale it was. You are not selling a good, you are selling a subscription.

Why a subscription? Well, because Christianity is a is a lifestyle, not a one-time thing. You do not go to church once, you do it on a regular basis. You do not worship once, you do it throughout your entire life.

Why a Subscription?

Churches are often viewed as a provider of Biblical teaching, a center of community, and a home for the many ministries it provides. To maintain those services, a combination of resources are needed. Many just think about money, but talented, dedicated people are essential. Where do these resources come from? The congregation. What is a tool that can be used to draw people into your congregation? Your website. So let’s take some tips from the sales industry and see how your website can sell the subscription-based services your church provides:

Emotions and Facts

People are often driven to a decision by emotion, and will justify it with facts. Does your website connect with them emotionally? Most people are in favor of helping others. So show how you are helping people; both the ones in the congregation, and those in the local community. Then, show the impacts you are having; number of people served, families repaired, children clothed, jobs found, etc. Demonstrate that you are having an impact and they will feel encouraged to not only join your congregation, but be an active member of it.

Social Interaction

Along with helping others directly, there are many indirect benefits of attending a church. The social aspects of that community should be part of your sales pitch. Your website should demonstrate how you are connecting with the culture of the local community. Do you have a vibrant college community near you? How about a large elderly population? Are there large neighborhoods of blue collar workers? The culture around you should dictate what sort of social events you can be hosting through the church. Use your website to not only provide information about these events, but tell the story of how lives are being changed.

Action Item

Do not think of how your website can get someone to join your congregation. Think of ways it can keep them involved for years to come. Do not use marketing and sales techniques to con people through the door. They need to be shown that the lifestyle your congregation enjoys is one they can enjoy as well.

Note: These are just a few of the selling tips shown this article from CopyBlogger.

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Author: Stephen Morrissey

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