Why Your Church Website Needs Encryption

Encrypted website traffic is not just for eCommerce sites. All websites can benefit from encryption. Many browsers and search engines even alert users to unsecure connections. The good news is that several new services make getting an SSL certificate cheap and easy. Read more to learn about the benefits of a secure website.

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Church eCommerce: Checkout and Fulfillment Options

If you made it this far in the eCommerce series, you can only guess that this last piece is about the checkout and order fulfillment process. The checkout process is obviously very important, as your customers are trying to give you their money, and it is your responsibility to make it as easy as possible. Also, your stocking and shipping practice is the other half of that contract. How quickly you can get your product to your customer, and how much you can automate it is a big piece in making your church’s checkout and fulfillment options truly work for you.
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Church eCommerce: Shopping Cart Tips

The shopping cart is one of the most critical pieces of an eCommerce experience. This critical piece of the experience is where your visitor prepares to give you money. As this part of the journey is so important, I will give you several tips on how to make that experience as easy as possible, remove frustration points, decrease cart abandonment, and increase sales.
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Church eCommerce: Automatic Product Suggestions

If you decide to sell items on your church website, there are several e-commerce principles you can apply that do not require much regular intervention. I hope that last week I did not scare you off with the previous article on curated suggestions. Rest easy that these automatic product suggestions are defined once and should run indefinitely with only minimal oversight. I believe they can still generate some serious revenue as you offer product suggestions based on your church’s sales data.
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Church eCommerce: Curated Product Suggestions

By simply showing a link to your online store, you are suggesting they might want to visit and purchase items from it. However you can take this concept of suggesting things to people much further. If done intelligently, it can benefit both the customer and the church. This article will outline curated product suggestions, which are ones that involve manual input and help. Plus many of these principles can be applied to suggesting content to your audiences.
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Church eCommerce: Storefronts and Navigation

How are your products displayed?[/caption]In the previous article I presented the idea that churches may be in the business of selling physical and digital products online. Pastors are writing books, church bands are recording CD’s, and associated groups are producing a wide array of products that customers outside of the church are interested in buying. I laid out the main points of having a good item detail page, but like any good content, how you find it is vastly important. This article outlines the key points you must consider when creating a viable eCommerce storefront and shopping navigation.
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Church eCommerce: Item Information

With more pastors writing books and worship bands recording CD’s, it is becoming more common for churches to feature products on their website they wish to sell. Even smaller churches may want to consider this. As more and more commerce moves to the digital space, why not sell Mother’s Day flowers and tickets to your spaghetti dinner through your church website. Regardless of the approach and services you choose, you should have a top notch item information page.
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