Scandals, Fake News, and Other Dangers Your Church Should Avoid

The internet is a dangerous place for churches. Scandals often start and end online. This article is not to encourage you to follow these types of stories. Nor is it meant to fan their flames. Be cautious with how you conduct your church business online and how you respond to scandals. Religion is often a scapegoat for inflammatory situations. Keep your cool, follow these steps, and rely on scripture for your inspiration.

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Avoiding Dark Patterns

Although I encouraged you to apply common marketing techniques to your church’s website, there are many online marketing tactics you should avoid. There devious and deceptive methods meant to trick people into decisions they would most likely not choose outright. These are called dark patterns, and range from annoying to illegal. Churches and their websites must be open and transparent with their intentions if they are to be trusted, and them at all costs. This article aims to help your church in avoiding dark patterns.
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