The Reason Your Church Website Exists

Without a World Wide Web, there would be no church websites, online ministry, or social media. Last week., on May 12th, 2014, we celebrated the 25th birthday of the web. Considering how dependent we are upon the web and the many things it enables, we should pause and take note. Most important would be the founding principles that Tim Berners-Lee had at the forefront when he proposed this new technology that would change the way we live our lives.
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CWS Podcast – Ep. 36: A Safety Net for Suffering

cws-podcast-logoGod does not let people suffer right? Consider the life of Job, the persecution of Paul, and the betrayal and murder of Jesus. Honestly, it is a difficult sales pitch to convince someone to convert to Christianity. Enjoy an eternal life in heaven, at the expense of the distinct possibility of more suffering in this life on earth. This episode explains how can we show our support on our websites for those considering the jump into a new faith.
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Church Social Media: Getting Help to Create, Curate, and Disperse Content

Social media content often looks like it comes from a fire hose. Watching your feeds scroll by with new posts coming every few seconds or minutes may be very intimidating. You may wonder how can your church produce so much content? Even more daunting, how can you be heard in the crowd? This article will explore how to overcome these obstacles and help your church’s online outreach flourish
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CWS Podcast – Ep. 35: Fasting and Your Church Website

cws-podcast-logoWe know that fasting and prayer is the discipline of doing without earthly sustenance and replacing it with God’s. How can this apply to your website? Try replacing something man-made with something that is from God. It is often hard to let go, get out of the way, and let the Lord work. So I challenge you to take a stance with a bold statement. Remove things from your site, or simply your homepage that are “of the world”. Allow people to set their eyes on the person who will ultimately change their life, Jesus.
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CWS Podcast – Ep. 24: Tips for Multi-Site Church Websites

cws_podcastIn this episode, I will examine four key considerations for multi-site churches, or churches wishing to move to a multi-site model. Multi-site churches are different from traditional single-site churches, as your website should present a mix of both unity and diversity to effectively reach its intended audiences. Finding that balance for multi-site church websites is easier than you think when you consider the marketing approaches taken by companies with multiple product lines.
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Serving on a Church Website Team

So you want to be a web geek for us? Many smaller churches jump at the opportunity to bring someone into the fold and help volunteer their time and talent. Yet in 1 Timothy 3:1-13, Paul outlines some very specific things you should consider before bringing them into your ranks. How can you apply them to your website team?
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Because of You: Honoring Disciple Makers

If you are a Christian, without a doubt someone has stepped into your life to help you along with your journey in faith. As that faith matures, many enjoy a look back on their progress. With those reflections, we internally thank those that helped us. Someone, pastors, church staff, volunteers, parents, friends; someone invested in discipling you. This article will explore the idea of using technology to publicly and privately offer thanks to those that helped you grow.
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From Consumer to Producer

When a new Christian joins a church, they rightfully start off as a consumer. The programs they participate in are often run by volunteers and funded by regular church members. At some point that new Christian needs to consider moving from consumer to producer. We all know that once that happens, they become invested and integrated with the church at a much deeper level. How can your church utilize your web properties to help facilitate this?
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More Than A Website: Internet Church Campus

With the advances in technology, a new concept has taken hold in multi-site churches. This is the Internet church campus. In this article I will discuss the obstacles, how to overcome them, and how your church leadership and members can eventually work toward accepting it as an authentic outreach and ministry tool.
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4 Steps to Integrate Worship on your Church Website

Many churches, record their sermons to post online; both in video and audio formats.  Yet I have found few churches that try to integrate their worship into their websites.  Worship is an important part of your typical Sunday service, so here are 4 steps to integrate it into your church’s online experience.

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