Tips for Surviving Unemployment

Unemployment is not a great place to be. In fact, it feels horrible. Knowing that you are no longer wanted or needed at your place of employment is only compounded by being reliant on your government for sustenance. But in some instances, this can be a great place to reset your career.

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Year in Review: 2017

2017 has been an interesting year with many changes. With those changes come lessons your church can learn from. This is a collection of the four most important topics. I covered some in previous articles. But I wanted to highlight them due to their recent real-world impacts. These stories have affected the audiences you serve. Be aware and let them know you are trying to be proactive.

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Know When to Take a Break

Sometimes we need to listen to the gentle whisper of God’s voice. The easiest way to do this take a queue from our anatomy. Two eyes, two ears, and one mouth. We need to look and listen more than we talk. You feel pressure to produce content and post updates. Maybe you need a change of pace. This 250th milestone article is about taking a break.
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6 Things To Fix in 2016

As we move into 2016, I want to challenge church web teams to fix a few leaky faucets. These are projects that should have started a long time ago. But if any exist on your website, you need to fix them now. More than ever, your website is viewed as your front door. If it looks outdated and in disrepair, so does your church.
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Digital Ministry Lessons from Bruce Lee

Regular updates to your website and social media platforms takes discipline. You need commitment to those ministries to post consistent updates. And there is a certain amount of tenacity required to tackle tough website issues. Another space that requires discipline, commitment, and tenacity is the martial arts. This week I take lessons from one of the greatest martial artists that ever lived; Bruce Lee.
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What Church Tech Teams can Learn from a Cartoon

Does your church know how they will use technology to accomplish your its mission? Does everyone even know what your mission is? Every day, the Animaniacs characters Pinky and The Brain attempt to take over the world. We can learn something from this single-minded approach to missions. In this article I will provide X tools to help us.
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My Heroes of Digital Ministry

Last week I gushed about several people in the web industry that inspired me. Their regular sharing of knowledge gave me the information I needed to forge a career in user experience. Now I will talk about those that inspired me to continue writing about digital ministries. I am not bragging, nor am I putting anyone down. But I did not start my blog because of anyone on this list. In fact I was arrogant enough to think I was doing something new and unique. I started writing before I knew my audience. When I started researching, I discovered many others in this space. This article recognizes those that continue to encourage me.
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My Heroes of the Web

This an homage of the many people that inspired me throughout my digital journey. I started off like many of us, making crude, poorly coded websites. I made many atrocious design mistakes along the way. But thankfully I had people along the way to guide me. In this article I delve into those persons that imparted wisdom. Some wrote books, many produced podcasts. Yet each motivated me to jump into the world of user experience. And each deserves recognition as well as your attention as well. No matter where you are, there is still a lot more to learn!
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Handling Common Website Misconceptions

Often a web team gets into a difficult conversation about their website. These stem from common website misconceptions. Some decisions have several solutions that depend on many circumstances. To make matters worse, personal opinions often interfere. Here are a few difficult arguments I have encountered over the years. I also included the considerations you need to solve them. Continue reading “Handling Common Website Misconceptions”

Tackling Web Projects One Bite at a Time

How do you eat something the size of an elephant? One bite at a time. This is simple but powerful advice for a church web team facing large projects. So many tools and activities I mention on this blog need a lot of time to put in place. One thing I am sure you do not have is the time to work on them. Yet if done in smaller chunks, these larger problems become easier to swallow.
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