Save Time and Money with Better Meetings

Meetings are an essential function of church communications. We cannot create digital spaces in a vacuum. Input from leaders in your church is essential to conveying the correct message. Ministry leaders are essential for unique insights for their audiences. Yet meetings are expensive. Not only do we take up time, but it actually costs money. This article explains how much they cost, as well as how to reduce it.

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The Dangers of Scope Change

Often the only constant on your web team is change. Unfortunately those changes have the possibility of completely derailing a project. Changes to a website project’s scope cause adjustments in timeframes, effort, cost, and research. Most companies utilize project managers to mitigate these risks. However, small church web teams often do not have this luxury. This article will explore what scope changes are, how they occur, and how you can mitigate the impacts to your timelines and quality.
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