Focus on the Negative: Working Backward to Determine Brand

Although we all find our identity in Christ, your church needs its own unique identity and brand. Granted if you are a denominational church, your brand limits are a bit more defined, but still you should determine how your church stands out from the one just down the street. This is more difficult than it seems, as the same words are used over and over to describe churches. This article asks you to work backward from what you are not and let the audience see what you are.
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Before Going International

The Gospel was given to be spread to all nations; so why not promote your church website internationally. Many churches are growing in popularity because they are sending out their sermons via podcasts, and people all over the globe are listening. However, there are several considerations you need to take into account before you start to expand your horizons.
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Donations on your Church Website (Part 3): Influencing The Outcome

When you ask for donations on your church website, it matters as to how much you ask for. By pairing a suggested donation amount with a type of donation, you not only influence how many people give, but how much they finally give. I will explore methods and explain how they can be best utilized.

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A Website that Deals with Sin and Shame

The forgiveness of sin by faith in Jesus is an essential foundation of Christianity. Some non-believers think they have sinned too much to be a Christian. Yet this is not the only obstacle they face. A staggering number of men and women feel they cannot have a relationship with God because of sins committed against them. Websites need to not only address how we can be cleansed of the sins we commit, but also the heavy baggage of shame for those committed against us.
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