Helping Digital Ministries Avoid Privacy Disasters

The design decisions you make can have life-altering repercussions. We like to think that our actions are always good and will bring someone closer to God. Yet our digital worlds are very connected. Not everyone is ready to broadcast they are a Christian. How you design your campaigns and features impact your users. This article explores are few digital privacy pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

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Navigating Dangerous Digital Spaces

Mission workers often find themselves in dangerous situations and places. In fact we find that responses to the Gospel are quite plentiful in the midst of adversity. This is true in the digital world as well. Some digital spaces have a reputation for helping us sin. The Internet has many pits waiting for us. From pornography to dating sites specifically made for having an affair. Yet the opportunity to reach people is too great to ignore it. Here are a few places your church could shine a light into.
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Equipping Parents and Teens for Social Media

Developing strong youth ministries is a priority at many churches today. Exploring social media ministry is a priority as well. Yet the combination of the teens on social media could prove to be dangerous. I suggest equipping parents and teens for social media, and its potential pitfalls. How can your church accomplish this? I feel the answer starts with well-educated parents, sound guidelines, and enforced policies. These will all help protect children while advancing your online ministries.
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