Optimizing Church Landing Pages

One of the most important tools a church has on its website are landing pages. Social media shares and paid advertisements often drive traffic to a landing page. Those landing pages inform and persuade users to take action. Here is an updated article on this most important of page types.

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Creating Useful Internal Interviews

Internal interviews help whether you are starting out, or are a seasoned professional. They help you better understand the corporate knowledge that exists in your church. Plus it further cements you as a digital advocate that cares about your church’s problems. Your church’s staff has plenty of information to share. Rediscover your audience by following the steps below.
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Focusing Your Church’s Digital Strategies

So much to do, such little time. Where do you invest your precious resources? Focus your church’s digital ministries in two areas. First is your stable market; already engaged church members. Second is your growth market; or who will best expand your ministries. Both are important, and need unique attention in the digital space. Here are a few tips on how to engage each.
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How Your Church Can Use Social Media Marketing

Many social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter started out with no solid business model. They were homegrown startups dreamed up by people who wanted to enable something amazing. Soon millions of people engaged with each other via these outlets. To create a sustainable business model, it became a “pay to play” world for businesses. In this article I will discuss what this new realm of social media marketing is. I will explore what types exists, and what your church can do to get the most out of them.
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Removing Website Clutter

Designers see clutter as too many things in one space. They want the right balance of elements on a page so it is aesthetically pleasing. Website visitors use the word clutter differently. They use it to describe items that impede their task. Unfortunately we are reluctant to remove elements in a design. This is often due to politics, unclear strategy, and/or fear of leaving something out. This article shows how you can use analytics and UX tools to remove clutter without sacrificing functionality. Here are a few “simple” steps I suggest taking.
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CWS Podcast – Ep. 45: Constrict Content, not Your Audience

cws-podcast-logoChristianity is unique in many ways, but one that was controversial for early Jewish believers was the inclusion of the Gentiles, or non-Jews. Faith in Christ was not be restricted to any group, race, or nation. So how do you market your church website to a particular demographic if you want to welcome everyone? Instead of narrowing your market, constrict content to answer the most frequently asked questions of potential members.
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Hunting for Social Media Engagement

Believe it or not, the tactics and strategies used in hunting can be applied to seeking out new website visitors on social media outlets. You will see that these best practices used in the woods can help you get an edge in finding, knowing, and establishing worthwhile relationships with your social media audiences.

My father is an avid hunter, and growing up with him meant spending lots of time in the woods and learning to hunt. I enjoyed many hours walking in the great outdoors, learning about various animals, and developing a great appreciation for nature. I never envisioned that I could apply those lessons to websites, but inspiration comes from all aspects of our lives. In this article, I will relate to my time spent studying the whitetail deer.

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CWS Podcast – Ep. 22: Creating Your Church Website Navigation

cws_podcastAside from what should be on your church website’s homepage, few things are harder than determining what the navigation structure should be. It is not only a technical decision, but a business decisions, and in some cases a political decision. Your primary navigation shapes how people use your site and ultimately how easily they can find information on it. By applying some basic information architecture principles you can come up with a structure that fits your individual church and utilizes common practices on the web. Topics include:
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Vintage Design for Today’s Church Audience

Do not be afraid to utilize older design themes and imagery from historical churches to resonate with today’s audiences. There is currently a design theme that utilizes vintage art themes to remind people of “better times”. We often reminisce of the good old days, and how that time was somehow better (despite not having today’s technology). Churches can utilize this to remind visitors of a simpler time and find a unique way to present their brand on the web.
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Further Integrating Youth Ministries on your Website

Many churches are integrating their sermons and teaching with their website. Others have gone so far as to integrate worship, and hold actual services online. With tools like live chat, they are calling people to participate and be part of the church; just online. Yet this is often geared toward your adult age demographic. In this article I will explore ways to both entertain and educate your church’s youth.

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Always ask WIFM?

When discerning the future of your church, many people would suggest asking yourself “What Would Jesus Do?”, or WWJD? When designing your webs site, you need to consider it from your user’s perspective. One question they are undoubtedly asking is WIFM?, or “What’s In It For Me?” Your website should always be communicating the value that your church and a Christ-centered life can provide them.

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Multi-site Church Web Tips

If you are a church looking to move to a multi-site approach, your website will need to change. Also, if you are a multi-site church, do not rely on using single-site church websites as the inspiration for your design and architecture. Multi-site churches are different and need to present a mix of unity and diversity to effectively reach their intended audiences. Finding that balance is easier than you think when you consider the marketing approaches taken by companies with multiple product lines.
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